Are Weed Vaporizers Legal in Australia?

Are Weed Vaporizers Legal in Australia?

As the vaping laws change in Australia, many people are concerned about the legality of using dry herb vapes. People who want to consime dried cannabis through vaping have nothing to worry about. Vaping weed remains legal in Australia. In fact, experts still recommend that people use vaporizers in order to enjoy the numerous benefits provided by cannabinoids (CBD). Since last year at least 16% of Australian medical cannabis patients were prescribed raw cannabis flower.


Any person of legal age can vape weed. There are no laws that prohibit vaping cannabis in public smoking areas but it is still recommended that you vape your dry herb in a private area. There are no restrictions but you just need to respect that not all people will appreciate smelling weed in public spaces.


However, the law about vaporisation in Australia is still pretty much a grey area. Meaning, law enforcement can still stop you from vaping your medical cannabis in public. So it woud be best to do it in the privacy of your own home.

Where Can I Buy a Weed Vape?

It’s easy to buy a weed vape online. You can even purchase various vaping paraphernalia like grinders.

Is Vaping Weed Better than Smoking Weed?

The proverbial question: Is vaping weed better than smoking weed? Compared to smoking, vaping does not produce tar and any of the other harmful chemicals produced when weed is burned. When weed is vaporized, it produces a clean vapor that you inhale. Vaping cannabis also extract higher amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for a better hit.


Consuming cannabis through a herb vaporizer is much better than combustion. With a herb vaporizer, you chemical reaction takes place. You are not burning any paper. You are burning the herbs but merely heating it. Since there is no combustion, this means that there are no harmful toxins created. This process allows you to enjoy the good benefits of cannabis without the ill effects.


According to Dr. Echo Rufer, PhD, DABT,  Head of Biocompatibility and Toxicology at the University of Wisconsin:


“The research is clear that vaporization is a safer way to inhale cannabis than combustion. Vaporization produces the purest stream of cannabinoids and terpenes and contains less than 1/1000th the hazardous substances associated with combustion. This means it’s easier on the lungs for the consumer and also safer for those around them


Whether you use a weed vaporizer for medical reasons or for recreational use, vaporizing dry herb is clearly  better than smoking it.

Where Can I Buy Weed?

People can legally buy cannabis seeds in Australia because the seeds themselves are not psychoactive. However, it is important to the laws about growing cannabis depending where you are residing in Australia. There are limitations to the amount one can grow and possess. Also, while use of cannabis is legal, sale of cannabis outside of medical facilities is still illegal.

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