How To Avoid Tacky Home Design Trends, According To Experts

How To Avoid Tacky Home Design Trends, According To Experts

It can be overwhelming to decorate a home while staying within the trends. We’ve consulted the experts for their opinions on home trends and styles we’re ready to say goodbye to and how you can take your home into the next phase. If you’re curious about how to avoid tacky home design trends, according to experts), this list is for you.

From decor style to spacial relations, there’s a lot that goes into making a home feel like you. It’s a huge misconception is that you have to overhaul your entire house to bring it into the new trends.

We’ve found Amazon products that make it easy to take your dated tile, floors, and rooms into the modern era. They’re backed by expert opinions that will help you create a classic home that will stay in style for years to come.


Mistake: Cluttering Your Walls With Too Many Picture Frames

Solution: This Digital Picture Frame That Can Store Hundreds Of Photos

Tiffany Payne, the director of marketing for Orangeries UK, says that less is more when it comes to displaying framed photos in your home. “You want to exhibit images of the people you care about, but more than a few frames in a space shout grandma’s house,” says Payne. “A better option is to get a digital picture frame that automatically turns all of your best photos into a presentation.” This digital frame can be used vertically or horizontally and can rotate through hundreds of photos.


Mistake: Teacups That Hang From The Ceiling

Solution: This 3-Tier Mug Stand That Sits On The Counter

Payne says that teacups are outdated and that mugs are a more practical and modern option. “Teacups also give the impression of being sophisticated and out of date. Hanging them makes things worse because they’re not truly decorative to begin with,” says Payne. This three-tiered mug stand holds 15 mugs and is compact enough to fit on your counter.


Mistake: Having Curtains That Are Too Short

Solution: These Long Sheer Linen Curtains

Robert Johnson, founder of Sawinery, says that having drapes or curtains that are too short can make your walls seem shorter than they are. “Your curtains should be long enough to reach the floor. Even if they are slightly longer, that is acceptable,” says Johnson. These sheer linen curtains come in six sizes and 13 colors.


Mistake: Excessive Light Fixtures

Solution: These Night Lights That Are Barely Noticeable

Johnson recommends spreading out light fixtures around your house to avoid concentrating them too heavily in one area. “Spread them out so that your entire house, rather than just a specific area, is well-lit. The bottom line is that when installing lighting, do not limit yourself to just one room of your home.” If you do need a little extra light, try these decorative LED night lights that don’t take up much space.


Mistake: Shag Carpeting That’s Used Everywhere

Solution: This Washable Area Rug

Robin Antill, director at Leisure Buildings, says that shag carpeting is not only outdated but can be difficult to clean. “Shag carpet belonged in the 1970s, and it should have stayed there. One of the most significant drawbacks of shag carpet is that it is more difficult to clean than ordinary carpet.” Instead, try this washable area rug made from soft faux wool.


Mistake: Trying To Match Everything

Solution: These Throw Pillow Covers That Come In A Variety Of Colors

Having all your furniture and decor match too closely can be bland, says David Mason, interior designer, and owner of The Knobs Company. “While it’s fine to have some coordinating pieces in a room, you don’t want everything to match perfectly. A room with too much matching furniture and accessories can look boring and uninviting,” says Mason. This set of decorative throw pillow covers come in four different colors, so you can mix up your decor.


Mistake: Having Too Many Knick Knacks

Solution: This Acrylic Display Case That Shows Off Your Favorite Pieces

Mason recommends choosing a few knick-knacks to display around your home, because having too many can make your home look cluttered. “While a few well-chosen pieces can add interest to a room, too many small items can make a space look cluttered,” says Mason. This acrylic display case allows you to show off your favorite trinkets without having too many lying around.


Mistake: Too Much Clutter Around The House

Solution: These Storage Bags That Can Be Stacked

“If you find yourself constantly picking up clutter, it might be time to declutter your home,” Mason suggests. Try organizing some of that clutter in these storage bags that are great for storing things like extra bedding or linens. They have a zippered closure, sturdy handles for carrying, and can be stacked to maximize space.


Mistake: Not Enough Kitchen Storage

Solution: This Bamboo Corner Shelf

Your kitchen might benefit from some decluttering, too. Use this bamboo corner shelf to organize pantry goods or leave it on your counter to hold fruit or bread. The shelf is easy to assemble and weighs less than 2 pounds. It has three tiers of shelves, with wooden slats on the base of each shelf.


Mistake: Harsh Lighting

Solution: These Lightbulbs That Let You Adjust The Color

Grace Baena, Interiors Curator of Kaiyo, says that having harsh white light in your home can wash out a room, but that dim lighting can make it feel cave-like. “Instead, switch up the fixtures and bulb styles in order to make the room well-lit and cozy,” says Baena. These smart lightbulbs make it easy to switch up the lighting because you can adjust the color of the bulb using an app on your phone.


Mistake: Choosing Style Over Comfort

Solution: This Soft Sherpa Throw Blanket

Avoid buying home goods that you like for their looks, not their feel. Giovanni Scippo, Director at 3D Lines, says that if the item isn’t comfortable, “sooner or later you’d find yourself replacing it. Avoid this expensive mistake by always considering comfort.” This sherpa throw blanket is the best of both worlds; it’s soft and warm, but has boho-chic fringe detail on the ends


Mistake: Cold Design

Solution: This Storage Ottoman That’s Functional & Comfortable

“Breath in life in your space and allow it to be natural,” says Scippo. “You might be tempted to be as clean and tidy as staged rooms in Ikea, but remember it’s better to have your place lived in and cozy.” This tufted linen ottoman adds a comfortable seat or footrest to your home, but it’s also functional because it opens up to a storage compartment.


Mistake: There’s No Place To Curl Up In Your Home

Solution: A Faux Fur Throw Blanket

On the topic of coziness, you should also focus on items that bring warmth and comfort to you. If you want your home to feel lived-in and cozy, there’s no better way than a super soft blanket. This faux fur throw blanket is made from a super soft material and is big enough that you can keep it on your bed or your couch. It is machine washable and comes in five colors.


Mistake: Letting Odors Linger

Solution: This Air Purifying Bag Made From Bamboo Charcoal

“If you have any pets or smoke, it will create obvious odors in your house,” says David Clark, Home Improvement Expert and CEO at Basement Guides. “It is essential to deal with this problem regardless of whether you want to or not want to sell the house. It gives a bad impression on visitors, and they can point fingers at house hygiene and cleanliness.” This air purifying bag is made from bamboo charcoal and helps remove unpleasant odors and keep your home fresh. It comes in a pack of five.


Mistake: Saving Everything You Own

Solution: Affordable Collapsible Storage Cubes

Getting out of the habit of saving every memento is step number one toward a chicer home — but if you aren’t willing to part with items, finding better storage solutions is key. “Regardless of how elegant your home is designed, it won’t matter if you have clutter lying around,” says Lauren Proctor, head of marketing and designer at BenchMade Modern. “A disorganized space will instantly make your home look tacky. It blocks the room’s flow, and your design choices won’t ever stand out. Instead, people will only look at the mess, and your house will look cheap.” Opt for this pack of six collapsible fabric storage cubes that you can position anywhere in your home and easily transport.


Mistake: Painting Your Walls The Wrong Color And Keeping It

Solution: A Clean Matte White Paint That Freshens Your Space

“A huge mistake people make is to paint their walls a bad color,” Proctor says. “The best way to right this wrong is to apply a fresh coat of paint. A neutral color palette is the safest option to go for. It instantly brightens up the room and makes it look large and airy. So, you won’t have to worry about your house looking tacky anymore.” Try a coat of this white matte paint that has more than 30,000 reviews and will liven up walls.


Mistake: Not Focusing Your Smart Gadgets Where They Can Be Most Helpful

Solution: Smart Security Systems

Kevin Jefferson, a general contractor and home improvement expert who runs Plain Help, has some deep feelings about technology at home. “Most smart tech in homes is horribly implemented,” he said. “You shouldn’t have to pull out your phone every time you walk up to your kitchen or touch a screen to control the lighting… If you want a smart home, it’s better to focus on security rather than convenience. Having a smart lock that makes sure the house is locked when you are away, smart cameras that will notify you and the police if there is an intruder, a Ring doorbell… these are truly smart features.”


Mistake: Feeling Overwhelmed By Open Concept Floorplans

Solution: Using Rugs To Define Certain Spaces

Most people love open-concept homes, but they can make decorating a bit difficult sometimes. Editor-In-Chief at Foter, Chloe Hughes, suggests utilizing rugs — like this cotton flatweave option — to create defined spaces. The modern, neutral rug won’t shed and acts as an anchor for your decor. “[Open concept designs] can also be a problem because it can be difficult to define different areas,” Chloe noted. “One way to fix this is to add a rug or unique pieces of furniture or artwork to create a defined space adding personality to your home and breathing new life into your interior design.” This one comes in eight sizes and six colors.


Mistake: Not Protecting Your Floors As An Investment

Solution: This Floor Finisher To Seal Your Wooden Floors

Most experts will agree that wood flooring is a better investment in the long run than tacky linoleum flooring, which can be difficult to maintain. Goodell David, the found of WoodWorking Clarity says “Wood costs twice as much to install on average, but it can last for an eternity and look just as good.” But you’ll want to protect them. “To make your wooden floors water, scratch and chemical-resistant (which is impossible for linoleum), apply water-based polyurethane.” This wood floor finish will cover up to 600 square feet of flooring to protect it for years to come.


Mistake: Keeping Dated Tile In Your Kitchen

Solution: The Peel-And-Stick Backsplash That’s Demo-Free

Teri Simone, Chief Kitchen Designer for cabinet refacing company Nieu Cabinet Doors, thinks that the right backsplash is everything. “Tacky design can come from a space being dated, and nothing dates a room faster than patterns and textures that were popular a decade ago,” Teri said. “Even the white subway tile and minimalist designs of the early 2000s are showing their age in contrast to the new trends of this decade. A quick fix is peel and stick tiles in a modern pattern to update your flooring or backsplash, but if you are opting for new tile work, choose a classic tile in a neutral color that won’t become a tacky eye-sore in ten years’ time!” This self-adhesive upgrade from Art3d is pretty popular on Amazon already.


Mistake: Assuming You Have To Redo Your Entire Bathroom

Solution: Adding An Accent Wall With Tile

If you’re looking to make a big statement in your bathroom design, but aren’t sure where to start, try creating an accent wall using paint or tile. Director of Bella Bathrooms James Chapman recommends, “[if you] want that ‘color pop’ mosaic tiles are a good option. They are a terrific way to make a statement in your bathroom or to draw attention to a specific region.” This fire- and waterproof tile is self-adhesive and goes on easily and can be removed without damage. The brushed aluminum foil tiles are modern and unique.


Mistake: Avoiding Greenery Because You Destroy All Your Plants

Solution: This Real-Looking (Yet Fake) Snake Plant

This large artificial snake plant is the perfect decor option for anyone who loves bringing nature inside. Devin Shaffer, lead interior designer at Decorilla, says “For those of us with not even a hint of a green thumb, going with succulents and other easily disguised fake plant types are best.” This 38-inch sansevieria plant comes with a white pot, tripod stand with rubber, anti-slip feet, and artificial moss to finish it off.


Mistake: Not Having Any Plants In Your Home

Solution: These Low-Maintenance Succulents

These mini succulents are another plant option that will refine your space. While a few fake plants are ok, be sure not to overdo it. Sprinkle in some low-maintenance real plants that are easier to care for. “Keeping fake plants at a minimum is key to not cheapening the look of a space, both commercial and residential,” Shaffer said. This pack includes 16 mini succulents that can be potted together or separately. They’re low-maintenance and only need water once a week in the warm season.


Mistake: Using Curtains To Cover Your Windows

Solution: These Sleek Remote-Controlled Shades

When it comes to window treatments, opt for blinds rather than curtains. Shaffer says, “Clients are embracing shades and wooden blinds to elevate the look of their homes and fortunately both options can work in nearly any style of the room.” This automatic roller shade is 100% blackout to block sunlight or insulate your home. They’re remote-controlled and super easy to mount. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors for your space.


Mistake: Hanging Generic Art On Your Walls

Solution: Selecting And Framing Beautiful Prints

If you ask designer Joe Cangelosi, he’ll happily tell you what not to put on your walls. “Please, please stop with the decorative signs from Big Box stores. If I see one more 3D wood panel telling me about ‘Family’ or to ‘Live Laugh Love,’ I’m going to rip it off the wall and use it as kindling.” Instead, opt for printing some family photos or a print you particularly like and hang it in these wooden black picture frames. The set of two frames features a white mat and real glass to be hung for landscape or portrait.


Mistake: Decorating With Plastic Flowers

Solution: This Dried Eucalyptus Bundle That Smells Good

This dried eucalyptus bundle will look elegant in your home without the need to change it weekly. Cangelosi says to avoid plastic flowers, but “If you prefer something low maintenance, get an arrangement of dried eucalyptus, thistle, or some other natural leafy stems in a bouquet. They look beautiful in a nice vase.” The one-pound bundle comes with stems between 20 and 30-inches tall. They’re real, but dried to preserve their condition and smell.


Mistake: Not Having Anything To Put Those Aforementioned Arrangements In

Solution: This Ceramic Vase Set For Tabletops

Add those dried eucalyptus stems to one of these ceramic vases that are elegant and look handmade. The budget-friendly set of three vases is glazed and features a variety of colors that draws guests in. They look like Chinese porcelain but are actually made of durable ceramic.


Mistake: Avoiding Real Plants To Decorate

Solution: This Low-Maintenance Pothos Plant

If you’re ready to try real plants, this Golden Pothos plant is a great start for beginners. It’s low-maintenance, drought-tolerant, and great for indoors. This one comes in a grower’s pot so you can place it in your favorite pot once it’s grown a bit. It only needs medium, indirect light and about 1 cup of water per week. Beyond just looks, this plant will actually purify your home by filtering harmful pollutants.


Mistake: Displaying Your College Shot Glass Collection

Solution: This Elegant Whiskey Decanter Set

Curating a bar cart is one way to elevate your entertaining space. Cangelosi says it’s time to put the shot glass collection away and opt for something more refined like this whiskey decanter and glasses. The set includes a 25-ounce decanter and four 10-ounce whiskey glasses. They’re elegant and old-fashioned with classic diamond cuts that twinkle in the light. “It will elevate your home much better than the glass you got when you were on Spring Break in Cancun,” Cangelosi added.


Mistake: Not Having Adult Glassware

Solution: This Unique Hexagonal Glass Set

Stock your cart with additional glasses like these unique spirit glasses. The pack of eight is made of glass and can be washed in the dishwasher. The hexagonal glasses hold 10-ounces of your favorite drink from whiskey to wine. The heavy bottom is perfect for sipping without spilling and feels elevated when you hold one.


Mistake: Adding Expensive, Permanent Rustic Elements

Solution: A Rustic Storage Stool As An Accessory

The rustic, farmhouse design style is slowly fading and Ralph Severson, owner of Flooring Masters, warns against adding any additional permanent elements to your home. “Some people love using rough cut or reclaimed wood within their homes, but the vast majority don’t, and many who have performed these renovations have lost a lot of money when they decided to sell.” Instead, add removable touches like these storage stools that are made of galvanized metal and wood. They are ideal for storing blankets or toys, but also dual as a place to sit or rest a drink. When you move, the new owners will never know about your love for rustic touches.


Mistake: Making Large Rustic Changes In Your Home

Solution: These Wooden Floating Shelves

If you love wood accents, you can tie that in using these wooden floating shelves. The pack of three includes solid Paulownia wood boards, as well as coated metal brackets to attach them to the wall. Use them anywhere in your home to display plants, books, or mementos. (And then, take them down when you move to your next home.)


Mistake: Mixing Too Many Patterns In One Room

Solution: These Washable Pillow Covers

Power clashing is when you combine one or more patterns in a purposeful way to make a design pop. It’s trendy, but easy to overdo. Modloft’s In-House Interior Design Allison Kersun recommends keeping a few solid colors, like these pillow covers, in the space to break up the patterns. “Maybe mix just the accessories like pillows and throws in different patterns. If the walls have a busy print wallpaper, the sofa is also a print and the chairs are a different print, it may make you dizzy! You don’t want the room to be so busy you can’t focus!” This set of two covers has a slight texture to add dimension without feeling overwhelming. They have a hidden zipper and are machine washable.


Mistake: Not Following Your Home Design Cues

Solution: This Six-Piece Set Of Beach Art

Kersun also mentions the importance of establishing a consistent mood throughout your home. If you have a beach house, for example, your decor will be more casual and relaxed, rather than formal and neutral. “Formality in décor has no place in a beach house,” Kersun noted. That’s when you can pull in fun pieces like these beach prints. This set of six includes prints of California’s coastline, surfboards, and sunsets. The warm colors are inviting and informal to continue your breezy vibe.


Mistake: Not Keeping Your Home’s Mood Consistent

Solution: This Beachy Artwork For Your Beach House

When decorating your home with themed artwork, you really have to commit to the theme. Focusing again on beach homes, Kersun believes the entire vibe should be “light, airy and casual.” These beachy wall art prints are a prime example. You wouldn’t find these in a mid-century modern home or house in the city. Pair it with light and airy decor that feels coastal. This three-piece set of artwork is ready to hang and can easily be removed if you change your theme down the road.

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