Sequencing technology – PacBio

HiFi sequencing

HiFi sequencing is recognized as the most exact and total sequencing know-how:

  • PacBio HiFi gives 21× fewer problems vs Oxford Nanopore, >6× much less faults vs Illumina in PrecisionFDA benchmarking of full errors (SNV + indel + SV)
  • Go through lengths up to 25 kb allow you to span significant structural variants and tough repetitive areas, and to sequence full-size transcripts
  • Significant accuracy offers about 99.99{93df639ba5729b348ae8590b358f91b5aa58d691ea2628f7cc4175889aae1ffa} correct sequencing results
  • Uniform coverage allows sequencing via areas that are inaccessible to other technologies
  • Epigenetics can be explored via immediate detection of foundation modifications throughout sequencing


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Sequencing by binding

SBB demonstrates greater precision and regularity in comparison to present short-read through sequencing-by-synthesis (SBS) technologies. An improved limit of detection, customer overall flexibility, and significantly less computational burden have the likely to enable benefits in study and clinical marketplaces.

  • Reads achieve <0.1{93df639ba5729b348ae8590b358f91b5aa58d691ea2628f7cc4175889aae1ffa} “true human variation level” through 200 cycles
  • Increased read accuracy results in 2x fewer false positive variant calls than SBS

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