Latest Trends In Eco-Friendly Home Design | Webster Kirkwood Times

Latest Trends In Eco-Friendly Home Design | Webster Kirkwood Times

An eco-friendly home offers many benefits. Plus, many of the latest trends are simply beautiful. Here are some to consider for a new home or remodel.

• Bamboo Materials. Bamboo is a renewable resource that’s a great alternative to hardwood. It’s popular for flooring and can also be used for bathroom and kitchen cabinets. When buying bamboo, look for a high-quality, sustainable producer since cheaper versions can be less sturdy. 

• Passive House. Go beyond efficient appliances with an entire house that uses little energy. “Passive house” is a movement that refers to a design process that creates buildings that have a small ecological footprint and require little heating or cooling. Use the philosophy to guide decisions from adding solar panels on the roof to boosting insulation to stay warm. 

• Reclaimed Pieces. One of the quickest and easiest ways to have a positive environmental impact is buying as little new as possible. Create something rustic by recycling or upcycling an old or vintage item with a new coat of paint or a fresh wood stain. Try deconstruction instead of demolition — “unbuild” the structure and find elements to salvage or reclaim.

• Water Conservation. Wasting water is expensive and leads to higher utility bills. Upgrading a home with water conservation features can go a long way, and most are designed to look sleek and minimalist. Opt for low-flow showerheads, toilets and sink fixtures. 

• Insulated Concrete Forms. Many homeowners now prefer to build with insulated concrete forms because the material offers better energy efficiency and performance than traditional wood. Homes built with them also provide better fire protection and can help save as much as 60% on heating and cooling costs. 

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